Using JIRA for Enthusiast Vehicle Projects and Maintenance

Coming from the software industry, I have been a longtime user of a web application called JIRA.  It allows software engineers to record problems, feature requests and tasks in a way that can be worked on by members of a team or company.  It is really great because it becomes your backlog of “things to do” and you have a centralized location for “what needs to be done next”.

Some time ago I began building out a small fleet of vehicles for track and street use. In this article I’ll show you how I use JIRA for tracking service and upgrades to one of my cars; the beloved E46 commute car. But in reality I use JIRA for all my cars.

The company behind JIRA (Atlassian) has great mobile applications for iOS and Android that allow you to manage your fleets needs on the go but also a great web-based user experience for planning and reporting.

The benefits of this approach are that you can generate logs of your service history for when you go to sell the car or are trying to remember what you did and when. Finally if you are forgetful like me it serves as my memory so that I understand that current progress of each task or project.

To get started I signed up for the online version of JIRA and created a JIRA project for the 2001 BMW (E46) 330i.

I like to personalize the experience so I gave it a picture and then configured the workflow for any task. This step is not required but when you have a number of project cars it is really helpful. My workflow has a number of “statuses” and they are:

  • To Do: or things that need to be done but have no progress made at the moment. This is my catch all for everything.
  • Waiting For Parts: in this stage it means I’ve figured out what I need or have started progress but had to order something.
  • In Progress: this is the money-stage when I have everything I need and now just need to do it.
  • Done: once I’ve completed the job then I transition the task to done and record the mileage at this stage. If I forget the mileage all the dates and time stamps are automatically logged for me.
  • Won’t Do Now: if I find that something doesn’t need to be done then the task goes here and this is effectively moving it back to the “To Do” stage.

Whelp there you have how I use JIRA for my fleet tracking.  If you have questions or would like to know more let me know in the comments below.

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