It only took a year but today is a big moment! BRZO has been ranked the top Paid Craigslist app in iTunes! I guess sticking to your guns and doing 1 thing really well works! Keep those reviews coming and send me your address for BRZO stickers!( Thanks to @drivingwhileawesome and all the BRZO addicts out there!

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Was able to sneak away to the pharmacy this afternoon and was thinking how nice it would have been to do it in the #carrera4s Perhaps that idea is an inkling of a New Years Resolution. Happy New Years Day everyone. #porsche #coastalrangerally ftw!

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Using JIRA for Enthusiast Vehicle Projects and Maintenance

Coming from the software industry, I have been a longtime user of a web application called JIRA.  It allows software engineers to record problems, feature requests and tasks in a way that can be worked on by members of a team or company.  It is really great because it becomes your backlog of “things to do” and you have a centralized location for “what needs to be done next”.

Some time ago I began building out a small fleet of vehicles for track and street use. In this article I’ll show you how I use JIRA for tracking service and upgrades to one of my cars; the beloved E46 commute car. But in reality I use JIRA for all my cars. Continue reading Using JIRA for Enthusiast Vehicle Projects and Maintenance